I’ve had a few unproductive days in terms of writing, my mood hasn’t been too bad, I’ve been quite busy, but with my worries about the meeting at work on Friday I didn’t get a great deal of sleep for a few days. The meeting was ok, needless to say I was worrying unduly.

Today we’ve seen the first prolonged snowfall of the winter, in some areas there has been very little, in other areas it’s been snowmageddon. I’m torn when it comes to snow, on the one hand it grinds the whole city to a halt, cars stuck, buses stuck, even the trams haven’t always been able to avoid disruption due to the snow, it makes work difficult, and general slows things down, it’s a pain.

On the other hand, I love a good dumping of snow, the way that the snow absorbs sound, so that when you’re out for a walk in the snow, and nobody is around, the deadness of the silence and the stillness, combined with the Christmas card beauty of the landscape, make for conditions that fill the soul with joy. My favourite sound in the world is that slightly squeaky, softly crunchy sound of your boots making the first impression on newly laid snow, there’s no echo to it, it’s a comforting sound, and walking alone or with just one other person, in the snow, is one time that solitude is not only comfortable, but welcoming, as if you are the last person on earth, free from all external distractions, free from the constant noise of busy life, work, stress, money, health, all become just far off memories, no longer encroaching on the peace of the resting mind. I hope that we have just enough snow, that I can go out for a walk, but that the roads are clear and everyone can carry on doing what they need to do.

Two weeks until Christmas Eve, and I’m almost shocked to say that I have completed all my Christmas shopping, with the exception of one or two special gifts. I braved Meadowhall and Fox Valley, and did everything in under four hours, quite a feat by any stretch of the imagination. All that remains now is to decide where we are spending Christmas day, and what we are doing, it may well be a quiet day at home.

Tomorrow is another Monday, the beginning of a new week, and another opportunity to get out of the house, and to keep myself occupied. the days have been melding into one of late, mostly when I have been having a couple of down days. I still haven’t had a full night of sleep, hoping that tonight might be the first in a while.

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