Yesterday was like the weather. Grey, miserable, damp, and it seemed to drag along interminably. I didn’t sleep well Sunday night, a niggling cough along with a general restlessness kept me awake for much of the small hours. I found motivation almost nil, but I got out of bed, did some chores around the house and ate breakfast in a kind of autopilot state. The rest of the morning and afternoon were full of lethargy, until the time arrived to go to slimming world. I’d put in three and a half pounds, I was expecting it, and I was fairly sanguine, last week was a rough week and the control I had was gone, I grazed in a daze. I’ll need to watch this, especially on the bad days. I stayed to the meeting though, the group is amazingly supportive, full of lovely people and a source of encouragement to any of us who have seen a disappointment at the scales. After this I went to rehearsal with my ‘other band’ which wasn’t hugely productive, but was fun, as we shared stories of our past and our shared experiences.

I had intended to write this post before bed last night, but as F.R. David sang, words don’t come easy, sometimes anyway. I’m aware that this isn’t the most informative or exciting post, and I can’t promise that every post will be full of intrigue. I will keep doing this, charting the mundane, the ups, downs, excitement, boredom, tears, laughs and pain. I hope you’ll stick with me.

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  1. How does this happen Shaun you think your life is running along smoothly and then all of a sudden something happens that may seem trivial to others but it really matters to you and it sends you into a downward spiral


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