Today was OK. I’m counting it as a win. So, as we’re winning today, I’m going to do something that my friend Sarah suggested to me. Every night, I’m going to list three things that I’m thankful for, three positives to hold on to. Sometimes these can be big things, and sometimes they’re just going to be the little wins, like going a full day without a dark thought, like getting out and doing something enjoyable, or just having a nice cup of tea.

  1. I haven’t felt tearful today, I haven’t been running around jumping for joy, laughing my socks off or singing all 17 verses of the ‘happy happy joy joy song’* but I’ve definitely not cried once. I have had a wave of sadness or three, but they were fleeting and I quickly had some distraction to send them to the back of my mind.
  2. This blog is getting a lot of likes, a lot of people are reading it, and the comments have all been really positive, I really hope it’s going to help someone out there to be strong enough to go and talk to someone.
  3. Tomorrow is the fiftieth birthday of BBC Radio Sheffield, and to mark the occasion, from 8 o clock tomorrow morning, the video that the station put together, a version of Pulp’s ‘common people’ will be available to view online. I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute to the recording of the song, and to appear in the video. It was a really positive thing to be involved in, and last night we went to the Light Cinema to watch the preview, it looks amazing, I hope everyone enjoys it, and it gets shared far and wide. it’s all about Sheffield and South Yorkshire and the way people come together to make something really special.

So, there you go, three things to be thankful for. reading them back, they aren’t life changing, they aren’t massive, but they’ve all given me a reason to say thanks. It’s worth trying this, maybe just start with one thing, build up to three, five, and who knows, maybe one day we’ll get to ten.


*not a real song.


  1. The small steps are usually the biggest. Like you say Shaun, it doesn’t have to be something big to give you that bit if a lift. I recently completed a course on anxiety management and the one thing that was said to me each week, was to always do something nice for yourself. Works a treat. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as it’s enjoyable


  2. Shaun; we’ve met a few times. Gigs in Sheff, pubs in Sheff, Pete’s merch stall at his Joy of Sheff exhibition, all sorts of places. Singing the final chorus of Hendo’s back at you and the Brothers at the top my (lone) voice in the Tim Peaks Diner at Festival Number 6 a couple of summers ago. We had a lovely chat outside after. I’m in a fairly tough place myself this week, first days back in the rat race after a recent family bereavement taking their toll. Just wanted you to know that you and the EPB have never, ever failed to bring an unwavering glee to my heart. You’ve mentioned happy tears a few times on this blog. This week, you’ve caused me more than a few of those, via the iPod (it were too far, for yer tired legs, wi yer Nanan), along with the simple honesty of this blog. I’m sure the Common People video will tomorrow too. Keep going. We’re all rooting for you xxx


  3. I have suffered with depression for years on an off an reading your blog was like talking to myself. And like yourself I try to ignore it when I’m starting to feel down but it only makes it worse as I have learnt. I wish someone could flip a switch and I would never be depressed again! I have had really good support from Family,friends and mental health services but sometimes unless you have suffered yourself it’s hard for people to understand. I have loved reading your blog an you are very brave as it’s hard to talk about. Be kind to yourself , love yourself the mist will lift x


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