Not all dogs are black

After the waves and wobbles of yesterday, this morning began in a slightly better state, the morning routine, drive Janine to work, come home, all passed in a neutral grey hum. I spent the morning trying to focus on positive things, following up on emails suggesting links to YouTube clips and TED talks that might give a little insight into the way forward. Some very useful, others not so much.

as is becoming regular, a few messages from friends, checking in, asking how I’m doing, is there anything I need, it’s lovely and so appreciated, and it makes me have a little cry. I’m no longer trying to bottle up the tears, to suppress the emotions, I suspect there are a lot more to come along the way, and as they say, better out than in. One particular message gives me the opportunity to follow through on my promise to myself to make sure I get out of the house and interact with people, my friend Sarah asks if I want to go over and go out for a walk with her and her dog. it’s a nice sunny but chilly day, I wrap up warm and head over there. We have a cup of tea, and then go for our walk, it’s quiet, the dog has a great time, running this way and that as fast as her legs will carry her, but is well-behaved and comes back when called, it’s uplifting just to be around a happy, energetic dog, and by the time we get back, I’m feeling ok, I’ve even managed a smile or two along the way. Pets are great for making you focus, you’ve got to go out and walk the dog, you’ve got to feed the cat, clean out the budgie, their routine can’t come to a halt because you’re not feeling 100%.

all in all it’s been a good day, and my own dog, the black one, has taken a back seat for a while, he’s still there in the shadows, waiting to pop up when I’m at my most wobbly, but for now he’s been usurped by a much nicer canine.

later, music, a piano lesson, and a chance to sing with another band, to do something I enjoy, and in this case, for a good cause. a good end to the day. The Band is Fear Lies, and the event is this:



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